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Hey Theatre People! Angie here. :) A few months ago I had an idea...


I want to stay connected to the theatre community when I can't produce my own shows, or make it out to support local theatre. Often, I ask people to tell me about the shows they're in, about the plays they've seen, and so on. I realized I get to meet a lot of really great people with a variety of experiences. One of these people is Mandy Logsdon. In addition to acting and volunteering in many companies in Southeast MI, she is one of the fiercest supporters of local theatre I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She tells great stories. :) After our fall "Free Form" Theatre Workshop, I realized how important it was to share our experiences as actors, techies, volunteers, and humans. I asked Mandy if she would be interested in writing a blog for our website. I asked her to tell us a story... It could be anything; an experience from a show she'd seen, questions she'd found while working on something new, an idea she'd had in the car on the way to a rehearsal... something, anything, that we could read and maybe even relate to. Maybe it could keep us connected, and maybe even start a conversation. She did just that, and I'm excited to share them with you. 


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Mandy's Moments - "A Waiting Room Moment"

I had my first audition for a cable network sitcom this week.  It seems so surreal.  I had no idea if I was what they were looking for, but boy was it exciting for me to just be in that room.

I walked in 15 minutes before my call time.  The casting director and her crew had just arrived at the office so I had some waiting to do, which I expected.  

I knew my sides cold, but I was nervous. I had warmed up my face and voice on the drive in and stretched a bit next to my car before walking into the office.  I took a couple of deep breaths to calm down and just appreciate the moment.  ...Then I started talking.  I always talk when I'm anxious.

First, I talked to the woman at the front desk.  No one else had arrived yet.  She told me about how she had worked over the winter on a new musical in some other state with some people I should maybe have recognized, but didn't have a clue who they were. Her coworker came in and he remembered me from the general audition I did for the casting director a few weeks prior.  He seemed happily surprised that I was there.  I take all of these things as a good sign.  Including the shocked look I got from both of them when I said I had no agent.

Familiar faces began walking in and I got to catch up with people. People who I sort of know. This is where it got hard for me to give people their space.  They were looking at their sides and I didn't want to mess with their process, but again, I talk when I am excited, nervous, name it, I am a talker.  All I wanted to do was yell, "How cool is this?  One of us is likely to be on a sitcom.  I know all of you, so no matter what I will know someone on a sitcom!"  

If you haven't guessed yet, one of my dream jobs is to be a series regular on a sitcom.  I want a role like Gunther from Friends.  I love sitcoms.  Deal with it.

Someone started to complain about there being no work in the city, and was just being an overall sour puss. I will be honest, I judged that person.  "You ungrateful... People would kill for the opportunity just to be seen, and you have representation and on screen experience.  Your agent got you this audition. Be happy and go get that part."  I, of course, said none of this, I just shifted my attention to the sweet, old school, wall mounted radio.

Then my name was called.  Into the room I went.  I read for two parts.  The casting director gave me some direction after each initial take and had me do both a second time.  I did my best.  Like I said earlier, I have no idea if I am what they are looking for.  But I did the best I could.  Gave it my all.  

Then I was done.  Said my thank you's and was back in my car like nothing had happened.  It did happen though. Regardless of whether or not I land this job, I am one step closer to my goals and how sweet is that? I am proud of myself for getting as far as I have...  From being tagged on a FB post by a former cast mate to an audition in just over a month.  All I can do is continue to jump at these opportunities when they present themselves and bring my best effort.  Eventually I will be exactly what they are looking for and I will be ready.

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